Tetris-Themed Wooden Puzzle Blocks


Have you ever aspired your child to be a Tetris pro? If so, this is the starter’s toy with brightly coloured blocks and a beautiful design that is going to help them problem-solve and focus on the idea of organizing space effectively.

Designed to combine shape, colour, skill and problem-solving in one toy, it’s also a puzzle option that will give them an educational toy throughout 3-7 years of their life. 

With lots of designs on the back that they can build outside of the shell, it’s also going to grow with your child and their developing brain.


Model Number: TM273
Style: Clever board/puzzle
Puzzle Style: Tangram/Jigsaw Board
Brand Name: Candywood
Gender: Unisex
Material: Wood
Age Range: 5-7 Years
Age: 3+
Warning: No eat
Type: Puzzles