About Us


MyFirstApp-Store.com is proud to present the new shop where you can find the best educational developmental toys.

In addition to a large selection of educational & developmental toys, MyFirstApp-Store.com offers a variety of toys, accessories, and other products that bring countless learning opportunities for children across all areas of development, including cognitive, motor, perceptual, emotional, and communication skills.

Developmental toys are great tools for learning and development in the early years. Young kids use toys to learn about the world around them.

Educational and developmental toys help kids explore their senses and learn about their surroundings. Educational toys encourage development regardless of a child’s age. They engage all senses and motor skills, boost language and speech development, encourage problem-solving skills, spark imagination and creativity, and help kids explore cause and effect relations. Also, educational toys encourage children to interact with others and learn how to solve conflicts, develop emotional control and empathy, and develop interests and curiosity.

We will make efforts to bring this shop to our awesome community high-quality products with educational value.

MyFirstApp is a pioneer educational Apps company founded in 2010. For a decade, MyFirstApp has been creating Educational Apps for babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children. throughout the years, the company has developed more than 80 apps in App Store and Google Play, with more than 20 million downloads, and gained an outstanding reputation among parents, teachers, clinicians, and educational institutions worldwide.

We do it with a great love for kids, and we wish we could do it for life.