Magnetic Remarkable Chore Board


There are a lot of responsibilities that your little one is going to have to learn about. If you want to help them appreciate those responsibilities in the form of fun and games, then do it in this magnetic, remarkable chore board.

It uses coloured stars with erasable and replaceable chores so that you can design the chore board based on their age and educational level.

A great way to teach them responsibility while still make sure that they have fun and see its reward, this is a great, durable and customizable chore chart that is going to be the key part to getting to all come together.

Brand Name: UCMD

Age: 5+
Model Number: 4230GZB11CC31
Material: Magnetic powder, rubber, HD printing, PET film
Feature: self-magnetic, flexible, support writing, portable,durable
Dimension: 42*30 cm
Erasability: Dry wipe, long-lasting bright and easily-cleaned