Brick Building Magnetic Toy


A key part of becoming smart and innovative is those first formative years.  This puzzle toy is going to help them really latch onto the idea that educational games are fun. 

Magnetic so that they can stick to the fridge and make for a fun vertical practice board, these are comfortable for tiny hands to move around as needed and will also allow for them to reposition them as they feel is best. 

Colourful and modern, they’re fun to shift around in all sorts of patterns waiting for them to explore in the book.

Tangram is a puzzle game which consists of seven pieces of puzzles: five isosceles right-angled triangles (two small, one medium and two large triangles),one square, and one parallelogram.


Brand Name: UCMD
Gender: Unisex
Age: 3+
Material: EVA
Puzzle Style: Jigsaw Puzzle
Style: cartoon
Model Number: PUZZLE
Product name: Magnetic Tangram
Material: Paper, magnet, EVA
Packing: Colorful Gift Box
Features: Writing, erase, learning, brain exercise