Routine Educational Puzzle Box


Children can sometimes struggle to understand timing and scheduling. They don’t know why they can only spend 30 minutes playing with their toys when there is so much time available. 

Help them play and learn about responsibility and time by putting it into a game! This suitcase-based puzzle box has all sorts of routine-based puzzles that will help them to understand timing, scheduling and even begin to really get an appreciation of why things are scheduled at certain times (meals, bedtime, etc). 

This will be helpful as they get older, too, and start searching for their own schedules and timing organization.

Brand Name: UCMD
Gender: Unisex
Age: 3+
Material: Paper
Puzzle Style: Magnetic Puzzle
Style: cartoon
Model Number: UT1931I27320542
Type: Jigsaw
Packing Size: 273 x 42 x 205 mm
Packing: gift box packing, suitcase packing