Brain-Teasing Puzzle

$7.98 $7.99

While adults may not like the concept of being pushed into the idea of pushing their brain past their comfort zones, this puzzle is going to be a great way to do it safely and effectively through the form of colour, shape and all framed perfectly in the wooden octagon.

A great way to help them try everything a little bit of a different way, it’s going to be frustrating but so very rewarding when they get it all together the right way.  Encourage and inspire them to think outside the box — er, octagon — with this puzzle to lead the way.

Age: 3+
Size: 14*12*1 cm
Weight: 0.1kg
Material: Nature Wood + Safe Water-Paint

Model Number: CW-0214
Style: Clever board/puzzle
Gender: Unisex
Puzzle Style: Jigsaw Puzzle
Brand Name: Candywood