Fraction Puzzle Board


Fractions can be frustrating and annoying. For the older child that is starting to get curious about how they work, use the form of these brightly coloured pie pieces to introduce them to fractions on their own time. 

With clear labels and a round circle that they can fill with all sorts of fraction pieces so that they can see and understand it in visual form, this will take the frustration out and fill it full of memorable fun instead.  Whether this is used at home or in a classroom, it’s exactly the puzzle to enjoy however you see best.

Warning: Don't give the small part to the baby under 3 years
Model Number: LM-061
Gender: Unisex
Age: 3+
Material: Wood
Brand Name: Logwood
Warning: Prohibit swallowing
Type : Learning Tool

Product Size:29.5x19.5x5CM

Product Weight:0.5kgs